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Godrej Spotlight, a range of home cameras designed and manufactured in India. Watch over the ones who matter most, anywhere, anytime with Spotlights Wi-Fi-enabled Fixed camera. It offers enhanced features such as night vision, motion detection, family sharing mode and two-way audio. Aesthetically designed, Spotlight cameras are affordable and easy to install in just three steps. Spotlight Fixed has a flexible neck-body with 110° panoramic view. And, ensures Superior data protection with cloud storage servers based in India. Secure all you love!


Godrej Spotlight, a range of home cameras designed and manufactured in India. Watch over the ones who matter most, anywhere, anytime with Spotlights Wi-Fi-enabled P.T. camera. It offers enhanced features such as night vision, motion tracking, family sharing mode and two-way audio. Spotlight PT camera lets you remotely control what you'd like to see as it pans up to 355° and tilts up to 90°. And, ensures Superior data protection with cloud storage servers based in India. Secure all you love!


ACE PRO is a WiFi-enabled home cam that includes smart features like Record & Share and Live Feed Smartphone Viewing to ensure you never miss another moment of joy with your loved ones. With 3MP HD day-night video quality, ACE PRO is the smartest way to check in on the ones who matter most — anytime, anywhere.


Buy Best Home Cameras in India Online From Godrej Security Solutions

Keep an Eye on everything with Godrej Home Cameras. Our wireless cameras for home are easy to install and use. You can now watch over your homes with our Home security cameras and stay at peace. Featuring night vision, motion detection, and two-way audio, Godrej Home Cameras allow you to watch over everything through your smartphone. Stay connected to your loved ones, no matter where you are, with our wifi cameras for home. 

You can buy our home cameras online and feel at ease when you are away. Our Home Cameras are equipped with intruder alerts to help you check on those you love, from anywhere. We at Godrej Security Solutions, believe in staying ahead and are constantly working towards providing the best security home cameras to our customers.

Home Security Systems And Their Constituents

A home security system is a combination of physical electronic devices that work together to secure a home. Security systems comprise of many different electronic devices. A network of electronic devices work in tandem with a control panel to protect your home from home intruders and burglars. A typical home security system includes the following electronic devices:

  • Interior and exterior motion sensors 

  • Control panel that primarily controls your home’s security system

  • Window and door sensors

  • A high-decibel alarm or siren 

  • Security cameras

  • Window stickers and a yard sign

Out of the list, security cameras for home are an important electronic device. They are available in both wireless and wired configurations. Home security camera systems can be used in many different ways to form a part of a home security system.

Typically, you can use Godrej home cameras for monitoring remote buildings, hard to see areas of your property, interior and exterior entry points of front doors, etc.

Home security cameras can be remotely accessed on computers, laptops, and even smartphones. You can remotely use CCTV cameras for home when you are out of town. In this way, you can watch for mails, deliveries, and service personnel such as caregivers, etc. You can monitor the arrival of your family members. 

Cameras for home are also useful in recording any security breaches by seeing the footage of home invasion. You can have a good look at burglars and the vehicle they drove.

Smart security cameras can be hooked up with Wifi. Using the Wifi home cameras you can remotely see livestream footage of your home and receive notifications in case the Wifi cameras detect people, packages, or any other movement. CCTV cameras for home often include color or infrared night vision, two-way audio system, local or cloud storage, etc. With the audio system, you can speak to the person who is on camera. You can also have smart platform integrations with smart home software.

Godrej company offers the best CCTV cameras for homes in India.

How Does Home Cameras Keep Your Home Safe

Security cameras for home are the most effective solution to protect your home and your loved ones. Below are the four ways in which CC cameras keep you, your family and your valuables secure.

1. Wifi home camera recordings can help you with the insurance claims

A burglary can happen at any time. And in case a theft happens at your place, you are required to make an insurance claim. At such time, your high-definition security footage will help you document the incident and validate your insurance claim.

In fact, some insurers provide discounts on home insurance policies when you have security cameras installed at your property.

2. Security footage from home security camera systems can aid police investigations

In case a burglary occurs at your property, your professional security cameras can come to your rescue. The incident recorded in high-definition will help police track down the burglars. The police can use the images and videos from the footage to capture the culprit, return your items, and prevent future break ins. 

Security home camera footage can be accessed and managed using multiple devices. Footage can be recorded on a computer hard drive or DVR and watched from your laptop, smartphone, or TV. With recordings available on handy smartphones, you can see surveillance feeds when away from home and receive video alerts of clips recorded from motion-detection wireless cameras for home.

3. Home security cameras can put off criminals

Cameras installed in a home makes burglars aware of a home security system in place, and thus deters them from committing a crime. Thieves survey a home before robbing it, and if they spot professional wireless cameras for home installed, they usually put off the burglary attempt.

Most burglars consider Wifi security cameras as a deterrent. It is advised to own security home cameras and make them visible. As even the sight of a security camera is often enough to deter criminals. 

4. Security cameras for home keep you connected to home

One of the greatest benefits of installing a house security camera system is the ability to remotely check in on your home. Home security cameras let you monitor your home at all times. You can set your home security cameras to give you updates every time a movement is detected. Using your smartphone app or laptop, you can customize notifications and preferences, and to set alerts during specific times. 

How to Place Cameras Strategically around Your Property

Strategically placed cameras help you identify and respond to hazardous situations that may occur when you are away. To maximize protection with home security cameras, focus on these entry points:

Front and back doors are the most common entry points burglars use. So, it is essential to place cameras above all the entrances and exits in your property.

Back windows facing away from the street are also a common entry point. Entering through a back window decreases a thief’s chance to be seen.

Basement stairs is another entry point you should place a camera at. When your basement has an outdoor entrance, it is critical to place a camera over it.

Placing cameras in your home strategically is important. Work with a security professional while choosing areas for installation. If some area seems vulnerable in your home, consider putting a camera for added security.

How Godrej Home Cameras Help You Keep an Eye on What Matters The Most to You

Use Godrej home security cameras with remote capabilities to monitor your home at all times. Using mobile devices, you can keep an eye on your pets when away, make sure your kids get home safe, check in on elderlies when they are home alone, see who is ringing your doorbell before answering, monitor regular visitors like cleaning people or babysitters, know when mails or packages are delivered to your home, monitor kids playing outdoors or indoors, etc.

Choose the Best Home Security Cameras Online in India From Godrej at Godrej Secure

Select a security camera system as per your unique needs. The best home security system is dependent on many factors like your home layout, number of entry points, value of your assets, size of your home, CCTV for home price, house residents, crime rate in your city, etc.

Use the above information to determine the type and number of cameras you need at your home for optimal coverage. For large houses with multiple entry points, several wide-angle cameras are required. To monitor small children or pets, cameras need to be mounted in high spaces. 

Buy home security cameras online manufactured by a prestigious company like Godrej at Godrej Secure.

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