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The all-new Godrej SeeThru RE 7 Video Door Phone is smarter & safer than ever! It has crystal clear clarity – thanks to the high-resolution pinhole camera with IR LED for night vision. Conveniently unlock the doors with an electromagnetic lock from the comfort of your sofa.


Smart Safety the contactless way! Now say goodbye to missing your visitors because you aren't home and the worry of sanitizing your doorbell every time someone rings it! Simply relax at home or go anywhere in the world and still stay connected to your visitors with the built WiFi module of See Thru Pro Video Door Phone. The WiFi feature enables you to see and talk to the ones at your doorstep through the See Thru Pro app on your smartphone.See Thru Pro enables contactless calling without the visitor touching the door bell, reducing public contact. Now you can choose whom you open your doors to in a smart, contactless way! Isn't it amazing how Godrej technology secures your peace of mind, no matter where you are!


Seethru ST 7 Video Door Phone lets you view a visitor on your TV set. To ensure your complete safety additional CCTV cameras can be installed at different locations to secure a wider area! It also forwards calls on your mobile phone.


Buy Best Video Door Phones in India Online from Godrej Security Solutions

Greet your guests safely with Godrej Video Door phones. Be at your home or anywhere else, convenience will always be at your fingertips with our Video Door phones. Our Video Door Phone system will make sure that a visitor at your door never goes unanswered. Godrej Video Door phones are equipped with features like an added camera, outside your door, to view a better area before letting anyone in your homes. Godrej Security Solutions believes in staying ahead and is constantly working towards providing the best video door phones to the customers.

Buy the Best Video Door Cameras Online in India at Godrej Secure

It is the top need for human beings to stay safe. Going by that notion, safety is not a luxury, but a necessity. We understand that you want to keep your loved ones safe. And so, Godrej Secure brings you the best in technology and design. With a wide range of home security systems for you, choose the best video door phones that suit your living space.

Video door bells are a stand-alone intercom system that is used for communication between the entry gate of a home and a person inside the building. Using a video door camera with a screen, visitors and residents can communicate audio visually. Video door phones are a notable invention as they enable a resident indoors to visually check a visitor before letting him inside the property.

Averts Strangers Entering Your Home with Video Door Phones

The number of criminal activities taking place on a day-to-day basis is increasing. Many times burglars use the identity of someone you are familiar with to get past your security. That is why it is essential now to have a video door phone camera in a home.

When you have a door locker with a camera installed in your home, you can easily verify if the person at the door is actually the person you are expecting or not. You can even communicate with the person if you desire so. Depending on whether or not you trust the person, you can let him/her enter your house. Buy the video door camera home automation device of best quality online in India only at Godrej Secure.

All That a Video Door Consists Of

A video door phone consists of both indoor and outside elements. An outdoor panel is installed on the outside of a home. It consists of an indoor monitor and an electronic lock release. The outdoor or street panel is set up beside the entrance gate or door and has many different elements that can withstand any climatic condition.

The street panel has a micro camera with night vision capability that captures the image of the caller, pushbuttons to make a call, a microphone to pick up the visitor's voice, and a speaker to reproduce your voice for the visitor. The video door panel may also contain a camera to record the street scene.

The video door camera entry monitor allows you to see the caller, talk to the visitor as well as open the door. Installed inside the home, the entry monitor consists of a screen that shows the image of the visitor calling, an earpiece and a microphone for having a conversation with the visitor, and a push button for door lock release. The electric door release device is installed with the door lock and can be operated from inside of the building.

How Does a Godrej Video Door Phone Functions

A Godrej video door bell in India comes with the capability to connect up to three extensions and two door stations. With an 83-degree visual angle, you get a wider viewing angle. Use the in-built camera in the video doorbell in India to record videos and store them on built-in flash memory or micro-SD card.

The outdoor unit of the Godrej video phone consists of a high-resolution pinhole camera with LED infrared capability. By calling bells with a camera, you can see the person at your door even in the middle of the night.

Why You Must Install a Video Door Phone System

Not many things are more important than a safe and secure home. You innately desire a safe home that keeps your family protected. Whether at home or out for work, the thought of safety of your family lingers in your mind.

Technology, through its latest developments, is leading the fields. And home safety is something that hasn't been left behind in doing advancements. Using a video calling bell, you always have a device that constantly protects your home. As compared to keeping a watchdog or hiring a security guard, a video door camera system is reliable and economical. A video door phone also offers many benefits.

Below are some points on why you must install a video door camera in your home:

Smart monitoring of your property: Even when you are not home, you can know who has come to visit you thanks to video door phones in India. The device ensures smart home inspection and surveillance. Coupled with motion-sensors, viewing apps, and security systems, the video door system lets you keep an eye at your home 24X7.

Safety and security of your property and loved ones: One of the top reasons why you should buy a video doorbell in India is safety and security of your family and home. A video door phone lets you communicate with the visitor without being present at the door and thus ensures utmost safety.

Maintaining records of visitors: The video door phone systems capture, date-stamp, and store pictures of your visitors to make it easier for you to find the recording in case required to identify visitors at a later stage. A video door phone is great for complete safety and security at your home.

When integrated with home automation systems, video door phones not only increase home security but also convenience of the residents.

Buy Video Door Phones Online in India at Godrej Secure

Ensure complete safety of your family, property, and valuables by installing a Godrej video door camera. Efficient video door phone from Godrej ensures your peace of mind. The home security systems from Godrej offers not just privacy and protection but also convenience and versatility.

Godrej offers the best video door phone in India. Buy the best video door phones online manufactured by a prestigious company like Godrej at Godrej Secure.

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