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Godrej UV Case - our quick, reliable and efficient anti-virus case kills 99.9% viruses* and safely sanitizes all your belongings. Ideal for everyday objects like phones and other electronics, medical kits, salon equipment, and more, breathe easy knowing all your belongings are safe and sanitized with our UV case!

Key features

  • Certified & Tested by CSIR (ICMR Approved Laboratory)
  • CE Conformity Certificate
  • Certified to kill the Corona virus*
  • Kills 99.9% Viruses & bacteria**
  • Disinfection & Decontamination from Bacteria & Viruses
  • UV-C Light based Sanitization Process
  • Certified 11W UV-C Tubes (up to 11000 Hrs Usable Life
  • Uniform exposure with 6 aluminium reflective surfaces
  • Prevents UV-C Light Leakage
  • Facilitates Auto Cut-off for safety
  • Ergonomic Design with Front Loading
  • Prevents Surface to Human Transmission
  • Chemical Free Process
  • Sanitizes and protects Delivery Packages, Medical equipment, Cash, Daily Use items (Keys, Pens etc.)


Operating Principle

Short wave UV-C radiation(peak at 253.7 nm) based  disinfecting of  surfaces from germs, bacteria and viruses.

External Dimension : H X W X D (cm)

38.5 X 54 X 53.8

External Volume (litre)


Internal Dimension-usable : H X W X D (cm)

28.3 X 43.9 X 47.5

Internal Usable Volume (litre)

~ 54

Weight (kg)



Rugged & durable Mild steel(MS) powder coated housing
Safe from UV leakage
Produced as per highest & consistent QA/QC norms

Recommended Sanitisation Time  (min)

~ 5

UV-C lights: Wattage/tube (W)


UV-C lights: Wattage-total (W)


UV-C lights: life /tube (hour)


Lid Opening

Ergonomic front opening design

Cycle Time

User Selectable

Audio Visual Alarm


Auto UV-C Cutoff Safety Switch


Electrical Specifications

Supply voltage 220 V ~ 240V
Supply Current 5A
Operating frequency 47 ~ 53 Hz

Internal Gross Volume (litre)



1 year standard product warranty

Net Quantity




Manufactured by

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited. Godrej Security Solutions Plant-17, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai 400079, INDIA.


Q : What are the advantages of Godrej UV Case?

A : Consistent product quality from the house of Godrej Products manufactured in complete adherence to test parameters & applicable standards It offers more usable volume in all its models. (Buyers are advised to check usable volume before buying any UV sanitization product from the market) UVC tube with short wave UV-C radiation (peak at 253.7 nm) sourced from reputed manufacturer Durable and ergonomically designed product Certified by CSIR (ICMR approved laboratory); CE certified.

Q : Does the product offer safety from human exposure from UV light?

A : Godrej UV case has a superior leakage proof housing. It also has an auto cut - off switch safeguarding users from accidental opening of the UV Case doors.

Q : Can power banks be sanitized using Godrej UV case?

A : No. We do not recommend putting power banks inside the UV case.

Q : What are the precautions to keep in mind while using Godrej UV Case?

A : Godrej UV Case is designed keeping all safety precautions in mind. One should avoid direct contact of any body part with the UVC light or directly looking into the UVC tube. Care should be taken while following the steps mentioned in the user manual to get the most effective results.

Q : Why is it important to buy a certified product?

A : The UV-C light based disinfection devices should be tested and certified as they are meant for use at homes or commercial spaces like hospitals, shops, hotels, etc. Products that use the UV-C Light technology require rigorous testing to ensure items placed in it receive the prescribed dosage and the correct amount of exposure to the UV Light. Certification laboratories not only ensure the dosage and exposure required to kill bacteria and viruses but also check for leakage of UV-C light. The UV-C light if leaked, can be hazardous to one’s health. While non-certified systems may come at a lower price, the risk of inadequate dosage or leakage of light is higher. Therefore, for safety and reliability, one must consider products that are tested by reputed laboratories to understand and make an informed purchase to safeguard themselves against serious health hazards posed by such products.

Q : How much time does it take to sanitize products?

A : Based on the model, sanitization takes anywhere between 5-12mins. Care should be taken while following the steps mentioned in the user manual to get the most effective results.

Q : What objects can be sanitized in Godrej UV case?

A : Godrej UV case is designed to sanitize the most commonly used household items.

Q : Can medicines be sanitized using Godrej UV case?

A : No, medicines cannot be sanitized using Godrej UV case.

Q : Can batteries be sanitized using Godrej UV case?

A : No. We do not recommend exposing batteries directly to UV light. Though, gadgets with internal batteries can be sanitized.

Q : Can we disinfect our hands?

A : No, you cannot disinfect any body parts by using Godrej UV Case or any UV light. We recommend alcohol based liquid sanitizers and/or washing body parts with soap & water.

Q : Does Godrej UV Case kill COVID-19/SARC-CoV-2?

A : Godrej UV case has been rigorously tested & the results clearly substantiate that it generates sufficient energy dose to sanitize more that 99% of COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2 Virus successfully.

Q : How does Godrej UV Case disinfect viruses and bacteria?

A : Godrej UV Case has a UVC-band ultraviolet lamp, with a very high frequency. The wavelength of 253.7nm is capable of damaging the DNA/ RNA code of the viruses & bacteria, triggering lethal mutation which prevents them from reproducing.


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