Godrej Forte 40 Bio Home Locker

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Godrej Forte 40 Biometric Safe is designed to complement the interiors of your home and office. The safe offers enhanced protection with motorized shooting bolts and latest locking technology that protects your valuables with the most intricate key design - Your fingerprint. A mechanical override option is available in case you forget your password and auto freeze functionality that comes into play when incorrect fingerprints are scanned, four times in a row. Forte 40’s tall design provides sufficient space enabling safe storage and easy access of files, documents and other precious valuables.

Key features

  • Fingerprint capture using advanced optics
  • Fast and accurate verification for authentic access
  • Can store up to 30 fingerprint templates
  • Keypad auto freezes after consecutive wrong password attempts
  • Non volatile memory prevents password erasure, when the battery is low
  • Mechanical override available
  • Low battery indicator


Dimension in mm (H X W X D)

416 x 350 x 360

Dimension in inch (H X W X D)

16 x 14 x 14

Weight (KG)


Capacity (L)


Lock Type


Locker Type


Fire Resistance

Non Fire Resistant





Double Wall


Internal Shelves


Internal Lighting


Low Battery Indicator


Non-Volatile Memory


Master Password


Motorised Shooting Bolts


Mechanical Override Key


Automatic Freeze



1 Year 6 Months Term Covered The company shall repair or replace any part proven to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period. The company reserves the right and act as per its discretion on issues regarding warranty claimed against any product, on a case to case basis. Not covered in warranty- Any damage resulting from mishandling or improper usage or lack of maintenance or gas leakage, fire, burglary, accident, dropping, excessive shock, acts of nature, loss of components or accessories Replacement/Repair by anyone other than authorized personnel. Consumable parts like batteries, plastic parts, accessories etc.

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Product FAQ's

Q : What is the color of the product?

A : Ivory is off-white in colour

Q : Are these lockers sufficient for general home usage?

A : 40 litres home lockers provide ample storage to store up 4 jewellery boxes, many documents and other important things such as watches, wallets and other valuables.

Q : Are these safes fire resistant?

A : No. These safes are not certified fire resistant. We have a range of lockers which are certified fire resistant and can withstand fire upto 2 hours. Please check the safire and centiguard range of lockers for fire resistancy.

Q : Do they have internal shelves?

A : Yes. The safe is divided into two compartments by a shelf.

Q : Can I delete a selected fingerprint?

A : No, you cannot delete a selected fingerprint in a biometric locker. All the fingerprints will be deleted if you delete a selected fingerprint.

Q : How to delete a fingerprint?

A : Open the safe. Open battery cover. Remove any one battery. Long press initialization button behind the door. Insert the battery; keep pressed initialization key until shooting bolts come out.

Q : How to Register a fingerprint?

A : To register a fingerprint, follow these steps:- Open the locker. Press & release initialization button behind the door. Place 1st finger on sensor till you hear 3 beeps. Repeat process 2 & 3 for remaining finger enrollment. Close the locker.

Q : How do I close a biometric locker?

A : Close the door and press the button next to the fingerprint sensor. A beep will be heard and the green LED will flash once. The bolts extend fully followed by a short beep; this indicates that the locker is closed.

Q : How to open biometric locker?

A : Biometric lockers ensure the safety of your valuables at your fingertips. To open the locker, press the button next to fingerprint sensor, a beep is heard. Place the registered finger on the sensor when the green LED fingerprint reader lights up. Please note: In Factory default condition, any fingerprint can open the safe.

Q : How do I open the locker if fingerprint sensor is not working?

A : You can use the mechanical override key available with the locker to access the locker in case fingerprint sensor is not working

Q : How do I check the battery status?

A : If the red LED flashes 3 times with a sound, this means that the batteries need to be replaced.

Q : What do red and green light indications mean?

A : The green LED (2 beeps) indicates successful authorization while the red LED (3 beeps) indicates failed authorization.

Q : What can I do if the batteries are weak or dead?

A : If the batteries are weak or dead, the locker can be opened either by connecting the external battery adapter to the locker which is supplied as an additional accessory with the locker or by using the emergency override keys. Once you have opened the locker, the internal batteries can be changed.

Q : How do I replace the batteries?

A : Open the locker using your personal code. If the batteries are dead, use the emergency override key. Remove the battery cover on the back panel by unscrewing the Philips screw and replace the batteries.

Q : How do I know when my locker needs battery replacements?

A : Your safe always works on battery therefore it has an advanced battery monitoring system which continuously monitors the battery voltage When Red LED flashes 3 times with a melody, it’s time to change the batteries.

Q : Can the override keys be duplicated manually?

A : No, the override keys cannot be duplicated manually. Every locker is equipped with a unique key design which only works in the locker with which it is supplied.

Q : Can the locker be installed in a cupboard or fixed onto the wall?

A : Yes. The locker can be bolted from the bottom as well as the back into a cupboard or onto the wall.

Q : Are these safes fire resistant?

A : No. These safes are not certified fire resistant. We have a range of lockers which are certified fire resistant and can withstand fire upto 2 hours. Please check the safire and centiguard range of lockers for fire resistancy.

Q : Does the locker have an inbuilt alarm system?

A : No. You can check our Ritz range of lockers which come with an inbuilt alarm system

Q : How strong are these lockers?

A : These safes are 10 times stronger than your wooden cupboard