Godrej Goldilocks Small Personal Locker (Cool White)

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Goldilocks is a locker for your personal everyday valuables like car keys, credit cards, pens, watches etc. Its sleek, compact & portable. Goldilocks is a security device that doubles up as an organizer. The locker also comes with an inbuilt vibration sensor that sounds off an alarm in case the locker is tampered with.

Key features

  • Smart touch panel
  • Portable
  • Tough metal build
  • Anti theft alarm
  • Laptop lock compatible
Content In The Box

1-Piece Goldilocks Safe, 1-Piece User Manual and 1-Piece 9 Volt Battery

Body Material


Body Construction

Single Walled


9V Alkaline

External Dimension (H X W X D) - cm

7.8 X 28.6 X 30.2

Weight (kg)

5 kg

Capacity (L)


Lock Type


Locker Type

Table Top



Fire Resistance

Non Fire Resistant


In-Built Alarm


1 Year 6 Months Term Covered The company shall repair or replace any part proven to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period. The company reserves the right and act as per its discretion on issues regarding warranty claimed against any product, on a case to case basis. Not covered in warranty- Any damage resulting from mishandling or improper usage or lack of maintenance or gas leakage, fire, burglary, accident, dropping, excessive shock, acts of nature, loss of components or accessories Replacement/Repair by anyone other than authorized personnel. Consumable parts like batteries, plastic parts, accessories etc.

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Manufactured by

Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited. Godrej Security Solutions Plant-17, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai 400079, INDIA.




Q : What is the colour of the product?

A : White

Q : How do I insert the batteries in the locker for the first time?

A : Unpack the product, lift the lid. Just above the touchpad, to the top left corner, there is a detachable cover. Remove the cover. Gently pull out the battery connector. Connect a Z and insert the battery in the slot with the connector facing upwards.

Q : What if someone tampers with the lock or lifts the safe in my absence?

A : In such a scenario, if the locker is armed, the alarm will get activated. However, for enhanced security, a laptop lock cable will restrict the movement of the locker from its current location.

Q : I have forgotten my password, how do I open the locker?

A : If you have forgotten the user password, you can open the locker with the master password

Q : I have forgotten my user and master password. How do I open the locker?

A : Contact Godrej Security Solutions’ authorized call centre on 1800 209 9955. The safe would probably have to be broken open.

Q : How do I enable the alarm?

A : The locker must be in open condition first to enable the alarm. Enter the user code / master code and open the safe. Press ‘*’ once followed by pressing ‘#’ key twice. The buzzer will beep a string of sounds to indicate that vibration alarm is enabled.

Q : How do I disable the alarm?

A : The locker must be in open condition first to disable the alarm. Enter the user code/master code and open the safe. Press ‘*’ twice followed by pressing ‘#’ key. The buzzer will beep twice confirming that the alarm is disabled.

Q : How do I change my user password?

A : Open the safe. Press ‘0’ button twice, followed by ‘*’ to enter configuring mode. The buzzer will beep three times confirming that the safe is in ‘configuring the user code’ mode. You can now change your user code by entering your new 3 to 6 digit code followed by the ‘#’key. Re-enter your new code followed by ‘#’ to confirm.

Q : How do I reset the master password?

A : Open the safe. Press ‘0’ button twice, followed by ‘#’ to enter in configuring mode. The buzzer will beep three times confirming that the safe is in ‘configuring the master code’ mode. Enter your previous master code and then confirm it by pressing the ‘#’ button. The buzzer will beep twice. Change your master code now by entering your new 6 digit code followed by the ‘#’ key. The buzzer will beep twice. Re-enter your master code followed by ‘#’ to confirm it.

Q : The panel lights are continuously flickering. What do I do?

A : This is an indicator that the battery is low. You will have to change the battery.

Q : How do I clean the panel and the interiors of the locker?

A : Refrain from using any liquid to clean the touchpad. A damp cloth can be used instead. You can use a soft brush to clean the interiors of the locker.

Q : What is the weight of the locker?

A : 5 KG

Q : I have put the correct password, inspite of that the buzzer is ringing. What do I do?

A : The shooting bolts must have got stuck. Please get in touch with Godrej Security Solutions’ authorised service centre on 1800 209 9955.

Q : Often false vibration alarms are generated giving high intensity buzzer sounds. What do I do in such a scenario?

A : Goldilocks has a highly sensitive vibration sensor. Avoid keeping any item/ liquid on Goldilocks. If the problem still persists, disable the vibration sensor and contact Godrej Security Solutions’authorised service centre on 1800 209 9955.

Q : Can the locker be grouted?

A : The locker can’t be grouted. Goldilocks is portable. However, the movement of the locker can be restricted with the help of a laptop lock cable.

Q : Inspite of pressing the power button on the panel, the lights on the panel are not coming on.How do I access the locker?

A : There is a possibility that the battery within the locker has drained out. At the bottom of the locker, there is separate provision where a 9V alkaline battery can be connected temporarily. Locate the sticker on the bottom surface, peel off the same. Connect a new 9V battery to the connector. You can now key in your user password and open the safe. Replace the old battery with a new one.

Q : My goldilocks is not closing. What do I do?

A : Check if the shooting bolts in the locker are protruding out. If yes, enter your user password. The bolts will slide back in. You can now close the locker. If no, locate the limit switch inside the locker and press the same. The shooting bolts will be pushed out and the closing chime will play. Touch the wake up key on the touchpad, enter your user code and the opening chime will play. You can now close the lid and lock the locker


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