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SeeThru ST 4.3 Lite ensures that you are protected without burning a hole in your pocket. It comes equipped with a range of features that ensure protection for your home and a relaxed frame of mind for you and your family.

Key features

  • Stylish eye catching design
  • Stylish eye catching design
  • Free Installation
  • 4.3” Colour Indoor Monitor
  • Supports 2 door stations
  • Adjustable volume, brightness, chroma and contrast
  • Hands free
  • Monitoring and talking with a visitor
  • Supports AC power input
  • High resolution pinhole camera
  • Do not disturb function
  • OSD menu
  • Infrared LED for night vision
  • Vandal resistant and weatherproof outdoor unit
  • Angular Wall Bracket


Screen Size

4.3 inch TFT

Screen Resolution

480 X 272

Brightness Setting


Contrast Setting


Colour Setting


Volume Adjustment



600 TVL

Night Vision


Talkback Type


Door Lock Release


External SD Card Support


Image Storage


Image Storage Capacity


Video Storage


Video Storage Capacity


Video Length


Indoor Monitors

1 (Only master)

Outdoor Monitors

2 (1+1)

External CCTV Support


TV Output Support


Telephone Function and Call Forwarding


Motion Detection


Point to Point Intercom


Digital Photo Frame


Voice Messages


Camera Type

Pinhole Colour

Surface Mount




Water Proof/ Dust Proof


Door Lock Release


Adjustable Microphone and Speaker Volume


LED for Night Vision


Angular Bracket


Wifi Enabled



2 Year Term Covered The company shall repair or replace any part proven to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period. The company reserves the right and act as per its discretion on issues regarding warranty claimed against any product, on a case to case basis. Not covered in warranty- Any damage resulting from mishandling or improper usage or lack of maintenance or gas leakage, fire, burglary, accident, dropping, excessive shock, acts of nature, loss of components or accessories Replacement/Repair by anyone other than authorized personnel. Consumable parts like batteries, plastic parts, accessories etc.

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Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Company Limited. Godrej Security Solutions Plant-17, Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, Mumbai 400079, INDIA.

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Product FAQ's

Q : Is the outdoor unit vandal proof?

A : The outdoor unit is vandal proof because it contains a tamper switch which is released if a burglar tries to remove the unit.

Q : How long can I talk on the video door phone?

A : You can talk to the visitor for upto 60 seconds.

Q : Will the phone calls made by video door phone be charged?

A : All phone calls made by the video door phone are free and not charged to the user. Call made to a cellphone using call forward feature of ST7 will be charged as per the landline service provider's tariff.]

Q : Can I integrate my current door locks with the video door phone system or do I need to change them?

A : All electronic locks are supported by our video door phones.

Q : Can I unlock the door for my visitors using my mobile phone?

A : No provision in this VDP only wifi VDP supports remote controlling by using mobile phone.

Q : What should be the max distance between two indoor units to be used as an intercom?

A : The distance between the indoor units can be 20 mts.

Q : Can I see my visitors even in the dark?

A : Yes. The VDP has IR LED with night vision capability which shows you black and white images in the dark.

Q : Is it possible to activate my video door phone without anyone ringing the bell?

A : The user can press the monitor button on the indoor unit anytime to checkout the view of thr camera on the outdoor unit. Additionally, he can press the talk button to talk with the visitor on the outside.

Q : Can the visitors see my face from the outside?

A : No. Only the user can see the face of the person standing outside.

Q : Does it come with a remote control?

A : No it does not come with a remote control. However the St 7 wifi pro supports remote controlling using mobile phone through which the user can control the electronic lock.

Q : From how far can I speak into the indoor and outdoor unit?

A : The user can speak from a distance of upto 1 meter from the indoor unit for proper communication.

Q : How does the video door phone actually operate?

A : If any visitor presses the bell on the outdoor unit it triggers a call to the indoor unit.The user can receive the call and speak to the visitor without opening the door.

Q : Can I playback the stereo conversations on the video door phone?

A : No playback stored option in this VDP.

Q : My house 2 doors. Can I see both the entrances on my video door phone?

A : You can connect upto 2 outdoor units to the indoor unit which can be mounted on the 2 doors. Both entrances can be monitored on the indoor unit.

Q : Will my neighbors hear the conversation on my video door phone?

A : No. Also the volume of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit can be adjusted so that the communication is audible and crisp.

Q : Do I need a landline connection to connect it to the video door phone?

A : No provision in this VDP, only sethru 7 inch touch screen VDP supports remote controlling by using mobile phone.

Q : What is the camera resolution?

A : 700 TVL

Q : Can I see the screen clearly even if I view the video door phone screen from the side?

A : Yes. The user can see the screen clearly even if it is viewed from the side.

Q : What is the ideal position to place an outdoor unit?

A : The outdoor unit should be installed at the side of the door and the bell button should be accessible to the visitor. It is suggested to mount the outdoor unit at a height of 4.5 feet.

Q : Is the outer station waterproof and dust proof?

A : The ST 4.3, 7 and Solus 7 units are waterproof and dustproof.

Q : Will the system work in case of a power failure?

A : No, the system will not work in case of a power failure as it does not have a backup battery. however, the unit can operate on inverter output.

Q : Are the conversations with the visitors save on the video door phone? How many?

A : No provision in this VDP.

Q : How wide an area does the outdoor unit capture?

A : The outdoor unit camera has a viewing angle of 65 degrees.

Q : What is a pinhole camera? How does it work?

A : A pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture.

Q : What happens in case of power failure? All data is lost?

A : No data is lost in case of power failure.

Q : What are the contents of the box?

A : 1 indoor unit, wall mount bracket, user manual, outdoor unit, hood cover, wall bracket mounting screw, 4 pin connector, fix hood cover PM M3.6mm, 3mm allen key.

Q : Is the installation Chargeable?

A : Standard installation is free.

Q : Can I get a demo of the product before purchasing it?

A : NO. You can get the demo at retailer outlet